Common Phobia Symptoms

All most all phobics tend to display the same symptoms when they are exposed to the object of their fear. They will find it difficult to breath. They will begin to shake or tremble. They will start to sweat excessively. They will feel like there is doom or dread surrounding them. They will likely freeze up or be unable to formulate words. Now each specific phobia comes along with it’s own set of particular symptoms that are unique to that phobia. These are on top of the symptoms already mentioned above. For example, brontophobia sufferers will seek extra shelter during a storm, such as in a closet or in the basement.

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Understanding Phobias 101

If you severely fear something to the point that you go way far out of your way to avoid ever coming into contact with the object, place, or situation, you likely suffer from a phobia. Most people don’t even realize they have them or what they are. When you start to read through the list of the most common phobias in the world you will start to say I have this phobia. You will be able to realize the fears that you have and work on overcoming them before they take full control of the way you live your life.

Understanding Fear

Fear is a type of emotion that humans have. This tends to happen when we perceive a threat to our well being. The word phobia is used to describe excessive and unreasonable fears that humans have of an object, place, or situation. These are persistent fears that last for longer than six months. For these people the fear they have is unreasonable to the situation, object, or place that they are exposed to. In reality, it poses them with no real danger. This is when you know that you have a phobia. For example, gephyrophobia, the fear of bridges, is when people fear crossing bridges. There is no real danger in doing so, but the still fear it which makes it a phobia.

Fear of Commitment Phobia

The fear of commitment phobia is technically referred to as gamophobia. This is just like any other specific phobia where a person fears a particular situation. In this case that situation is getting married or making a lifelong commitment to someone else. The reasons for the development of this phobia is common a traumatic past experience. This could be a bad marriage between the sufferer’s parents that causes them to link marriage with something tragic and painful. A sufferer will typically replay those bad moments in their mind when the thought of marriage or a marriage proposal is present.

Can I Treat My Fibrositis?

Treating fibrositis can be difficult and depend greatly on the patient. Not all doctors are familiar with this condition and seeking a specialist for it is imperative to your successful treatment management program. This treatment management program requires a number of different persons to work. This is a team approach treatment plan.

This team will be made up of you, your doctor, your physical therapist, and other health professionals along the way. There are a number of pain clinics that specialize in treating patients with this specific condition, fibrositis. There are currently only three medications at this point that are approved by the FDA to treat this condition. These include pregabalin, milnacipran, and duloxetine. All of these medications were specifically designed to treat neuropathic pain and depression in patients.

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Cascara Sagrada – This has a long history of medicinal uses dating back to the Native Americans. This was used as an herbal laxative. The anthraquinones inside of it trigger contractions of the colon naturally. This works to promote better movement of the bowels.

Senna – This also has anthraquinones, which makes it great for detox and laxative effects.

Flax Seeds – This is one of the most popular ingredients you will find in colon cleansing products. This is because it’s high in soluble fiber that works as a natural laxative.

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How To Prolong Ejaculation With Benzocaine Condoms?

Sexual performance is something that every man wonders about a lot. Are you pleasing her how she likes, are you lasting long enough, or is she really faking it? These are all questions that pop into every man’s head a one point or another. The truth is that most women are completely satisfied with their partner’s sexual performance.

However, the constant pressure and anxiety that men put on themselves over this performance is tremendous. In some cases it can actually hurt your performance. Worrying too much can cause sexual anxiety that can lead to real issues such as premature ejaculation. The use of benzocaine condoms is a great idea for those with this issue. These condoms work to slightly numb the male genitals. This essentially allows them to last longer in the bedroom.

How to prolong ejaculation is a common question. If you are not comfortable having sex with condoms on you can opt for a desensitizing cream. Enlast delay cream is one of the most popular ones on the market today. It has a very high success rate for those that have actually tried it.